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3 Pet Halloween Costume Ideas for Procrastinators

Even if you put it to the last minute, you can include your pets in the Halloween spirit with these 3 DIY costume ideas.

Are you someone who gets into, and we mean really gets into Halloween? Do you start decorating your apartment with cobwebs and skeletons as soon as the clock hits midnight on October 1? Did you start planning your Halloween costume back in July, and start counting down the days to next year’s festivities on November 1? Well, this post may not be for you because you already have your furbaby’s costume picked out.

For the rest of us who may be a little late on the draw, it may seem like it’s too late to include your pet in the festivities. But with just a bit of creativity and a touch of DIY spirit you don’t have to leave your furbaby at home this Halloween. Check out these ideas for some inspiration!

1.       Princess – Depending on how many, and what type of, birthday or bachelorette parties you’ve been to you very well may have everything you need for this costume already. All you need is a tiara, tutu, and some costume jewelry. Depending on your dog’s temperament you may need to take pictures quickly before she shakes everything off, but you can still treat her like the princess she is all night long.

2.       Bat Dog – If you want to go for something a little spookier, you can make a pair of bat wings for your pet. This one does require a some materials you’ll probably have to buy, and these instructions recommend sewing rather than a hot glue gun or fabric glue, but overall the project is fairly simple and easily tailored to large or small dogs, and even cats.

3.       Spider Dog – For something even spookier (and a little more time consuming, but we believe in you) try out this no-sew spider costume. You could even be a little punny and add a mask for a super transformation. We only ask one thing if you use this idea: at some point in the night sing “Spider Dog, Spider Dog, does whatever a Spider Dog does”.

Regardless of if you use one of these ideas, have one of your own, or have had your pet’s costume planned for months we want to see it! Find us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in pics of your pets so we can like and comment!

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Oct 26